Lincoln Electric CV425 and LF-33 package

High output, reliable workhorse Proving to be highly regarded among end users.

The CV-425 are industrial power sources designed for heavy-duty applications. Both power sources meet IP23 protection which means that they will operate in the most arduous environmental conditions experienced, in such places as shipyards or offshore yards. The machines have been designed so that all the sensitive components are enclosed in a compartment free from dust and separated from the air-flow needed to cool the machine. The PCB within the machines is completely encapsulated which will provide maximum protection from the elements. Both the CV-425 power sources are tested at + 40°C and rated at 60% duty cycle. As a result of this rigorous testing and specifications, it allows these machines to operate and weld in any environment at a 100% duty cycle. Like all Lincoln machines the CV-425 are designed with the application in mind.
Potted and Encapsulated Printed Circuit Board controls in separate dust free compartment.
Different feeders for construction and shipyards, all with meters, with or without synergy or memory; just select the one of your choice.
Superb Arc Behaviour with Argon Mix and 100% CO2.
Electronic feedback system on the wire drive will guarantee consistent wire feed speed
Equipped with large diameter wheels push/pull bar and lifting eyes for full manoeuverability
Completed with an extensive set of features

AWE stocks the CV425 with a Lincoln LF-33 wirefeeder package, 10mt interconnection kit, earth lead and gun of your choice. Package can be customized to your requirements.

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