Lincoln Electric Outback 185

Serious welder generator only for those who take their work seriously, no expense spared in a completely different range compared to other similar petrol welder generators.
Most importantly DC stick welder runs low hydrogen electrodes all day unlike the common AC welder generator!

Great for anyone who needs portable DC stick welding and AC generator power! The Low-Lift™ grab bars on both ends make lifting the Outback® 185 on and off truck beds easy. The compact Outback® 185 is easy to start with all engine controls on the front of the machine, and it’s easy to use for welding. Use the AC generator power for a variety of applications described below with the large 25.7 litre fuel tank! Plug in a Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 180C for wire welding too.

Low-Lift™ Grab Bars (Patent Pending)
More leverage for lifting unit on and off truck beds.
Extra protection against product damage.
Best in class feature!
All Engine Controls on Front Control panel
Easy access for starting, especially when mounted on truck beds.
Front panel includes electric start switch and engine choke control.
Best in class feature!
32 mm Diameter Rugged Tube Frame
Great for all-around sturdy protection.
Best in class feature!
25.7 Litre Fuel Tank
Less frequent re-fueling, for extended run times.
Large fuel fill opening for easy re-fueling too!
Best in class feature!
Weld with up to 4 mm Stick Electrode
Up to 185 amps of DC output for many applications.
5,700 Watts Peak AC Generator Power (5,200 Watts Continuous).
Many uses! Grinder, work lights, pump, motor starting, or emergency power.
Plug in a Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 180C for wire welding.
Plug in a Lincoln Electric Invertec® PC-210 Air to cut metal.

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